Aurora Engineering occupies one of the key positions in the Czech manufacturing sector and is a proudly Czech-based company due to the numerous advantages the Czech market offers, including:

Aurora Engineering had its beginning in MTH Praha, a major player in railway track manufacturing and maintenance of renewal machines that remained in business for over 50 years. The core team members that made MTH Praha a leader in its sector went on to bring their expertise and decades of experience to Aurora Engineering. Prior to founding Aurora Engineering in 2012, all the technical designers and engineers worked in high-profile independent projects, focusing on the newest technologies in mechanical design and engineering in the Czech Republic and internationally.

Aurora Engineering is based in Prague, the Czech Republic, honouring its history and strong ties with the MTH Praha network of clients, manufacturers, contractors and industry experts. The company specializes in design, development and prototype manufacturing of new and modernized railroad maintenance machinery, working globally with a diverse client base that includes organizations and corporations of all sizes and needs. Aurora Engineering prides itself on delivering not only outstanding technical results, but also exceptional customer support every step of the way towards fulfilling customers’ requirements.

The portfolio of our engineers under MTH Praha include the design and development of the following machines:

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